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On services of the information society and electronic commerce lssi. Although there are other european and international provisions in this area, the spanish legal framework is sufficiently guaranteeing and precise to safeguard the legal legitimacy of online marketing actions e-mail marketing, registration of user data, communications in social networks, electronic commerce, etc, provided that the basic rules of these regulations are complied with, even in the case of international transactions. The lopd and its development regulations mainly regulate the conditions under which a person or entity may establish and treat an information file or database containing private data of identified or identifiable natural persons, as well as establishing the security conditions.

Which must be applied in the processing of said file. The registration of customer data is a key instrument in the most common strategies and tools in the tourism sector, both for the formalization of transactions and for the development youtube accounts for free of on-line promotion actions. Adaptation to data protection regulations is a job that requires constant monitoring and follow-up. Body. The content that will be included in the body of the newsletter will consist of a series of brief informative news related to the company and/ or its products and services, being able to add links that allow the customer to access the detail of the products, to obtain more information in the website or even add suggestions.

The following is a set of basic and practical guidelines for compliance: for its part, the lssi is the fundamental rule that regulates, among other matters, the activity of service providers of the information society, the e-commerce and electronic referral of advertising, being the key frame of reference in matters such as e-commerce or e-mail marketing. The law refers to both electronic mail and any other means of electronic communication such as sms or mms. These two standards constitute the fundamental legal framework to be considered in the development of marketing actions youtube accounts for sale via the internet, without prejudice to other sect oral or general regulations regulating commercial or civil aspects specific to tourism activities or specific rules relating to the development of publicity, industrial property, trademark registration, image rights.

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Using electronic mail as a communication tool. This type of news may have informative and/ or commercial content, allowing the company to advertise its products or services as well as increase and consolidate customer loyalty. This type of repeated contact enhances the relationship with customers in a simple and economical way given the support used. Definition and content a newsletter can contain multiple elements, although there is a basic set that must be included and that, in the majority, correspond to the usual content of an email: sender. This space should refer to the company or organization responsible for the newsletter, although a personal sender may be included, which will normally correspond with the department or person in charge of the edition of the same.

Addressee. The best option consists of a personalized sending to the customer's addresses using, for example, a youtube accounts for free mailing list prepared for this purpose. In this case, special care must be taken to make use of the cco field with hidden copy to avoid that the addresses of the clients are displayed by the other recipients. Affair. This element will be the one that must catch youtube accounts for free the attention of the clients, reason why its content must be mainly attractive, to other of brief and concise, informing on the content of the news sent. Headboard. In the header will include all the information related to the company logo, official website link, etc. As well as the word public or publicity if the content is for commercial purposes. Newsletters, also called bulletins, are one of the most used email marketing tools. It consists of the periodic sending of publications news, offers, articles of interest, etc.